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Focus and Activities

The mission of the African Centre for Water Research is to promote the cooperative and sustainable management and development of shared waters in southern Africa through capacity-building and applied research initiatives.

Southern Africa is one of the most water stressed regions in the world, as well as being highly dependant on shared or transboundary waters. The scarcity of water coupled with the development needs of our region mean that shared waters are an embodiment of “our common future”. As countries embark on national water management and development plans it will become increasingly important to factor-in the needs and actions of states upstream as well as downstream of oneself.

The African Centre for Water Research (ACWR) aims to play a facilitative role in promoting transboundary dialogue – the mutual exchange of ideas to resolve common challenges. To achieve this aim the ACWR works in tandem with national governments, inter-governmental bodies, civil society and the private sector through brokering a safe experimental space in which the various actors can explore positive-sum options. The staff members of the ACWR have developed solid skills and knowledge in conducting capacity-building seminars and courses, applied research projects, participatory workshops and information dissemination. In addition, regional and international expertise is accessed through collaboration with networks such as the Global Water Partnership (GWP - Southern Africa), WaterNet and the SADC Water Sector.

The long-term sustainable management of water resources is based on reaching a balance between the social, environmental and economic uses and users of water – in line with the principles of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). This balance can only be achieved when a wide range of stakeholder inputs – from government, the public and the private sector – are incorporated at various stages of the decision-making process. Any decision is only as good as the process used to reach that decision – in essence: process is product.

ACWR is registered as a closed corporation (cc), registration No: CK 2005/073676/23

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