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The KOBWA - Experience: Practices for balancing social, environmental and economic aspects in water resources management - 1.6mb

The sharing of information and knowledge is critical for the development and management of water resources and for progress towards achieving integrated water resources management (IWRM). Well documented case studies are a vital tool for sharing lessons learned on good practices within the local and regional context.


Implications of South Africa’s Trade Policies for Water Policy and Water Resources Management

The Impact and Implications of the Adoption of the 1997 UN Watercourse Convention for Countries in Southern Africa - 2.1mb

This Regional Assessment for SADC states was commissioned by WWF as part of its global “United Nations Freshwater Agreements Project”. The analysis provides a comparison between the UN Convention and the SADC Protocol on Shared Watercourses (the regional framework agreement for the management of shared watercourses concluded by SADC Member States), highlighting similarities and differences between the two instruments. The paper continues with assessing the potential benefits for SADC states of adopting the UN Convention with respect to basins shared between SADC states only and basins shared with neighbouring non-SADC states.

Mapping of Integrity and Accountability in Water Activities and Relevant Capacities in the SADC-Region - 1.1mb
This study maps some of the processes, institutions, organisations, laws, policies and projects active in promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in the water sector of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, using six countries as case studies. The report concludes with a key recommendation of the development and adoption of SADC Water Integrity Principles (SWIP) for Promoting Transparency and Accountability in the water sector.


Water – and the Peaceful, Sustainable Development of the SADC Region - 600kb

This paper was commissioned as part of  SaferAfrica's project, entitled, "Towards a Continental Common Position on the governance of natural resources in Africa," – which aims to promote the sustainable and peaceful development of the continent's natural resources for the benefit of all. The paper provides an overview of some of the key issues to be considered in the management and development of the water resources of the region – covering hydrology, inter-state relations, water use, climatic variability and climatic change, policy, legal and institutional frameworks and some of the emergent responses to challenges.

Water Resources of the SADC: Demands, Dependencies and Governance Responses - 520kb

This paper was commissioned as part of  the Institute for Global Dialogue's and the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa's  (OSISA) "Research Project on Natural Resources Dependence and Use in Southern Africa: Economic and Governance Implications". It describes trends in current and future water demands in the SADC region and identifies policy options within the given regional water governance framework for addressing the challenges associated with meeting these demands.


Hydropolitical Vulnerability and Resilience along International Waters: Africa – 3MB

After defining the concept of hydropolitical vulnerability and resilience this publications investigates the factors that contribute to hydropolitical vulnerability and resilience in different regions in Africa generally and selected African river basins specifically. Being the African chapter of a series covering all continents it provides an account of water related security challenges in Africa and highlights existing as well as opportunities for future cooperation related to shared water resources in Africa.

Stakeholder participation in transboundary water resources management – selected case examples – 2,4 MB

This background reader contains eight case studies on stakeholder participation in transboundary water resources management from Africa, Asia, North America and Europe. Each of the case studies describes challenges and successes and identifies lessons learnt for the future implementation of stakeholder participation processes in other basins.


Preliminary Basin Profile of the Orange Senqu River Basin – 1,8 MB

This preliminary profile provides a broad overview of the physical characteristics of the basin, historic and current settlement patterns, the economic use of the basin’s water resources as well as the hydropolitical situation and environmental conditions in the basin. It is aimed at providing easily accessible background information on the basin for water managers and stakeholders alike.

Domestic water provision in South Africa – changes and challenges – 783 kb

The paper, produced for the Nordic Africa Institute, investigates the changes in domestic water services provision in post-apartheid South Africa. It highlights the challenges associated with the demands for improved service delivery, specifically to the poor, against the background of an increasing drive towards cost recovery.

Domestic Electricity Provision in the Democratic South Africa – 100 kb

The paper, produced for the Nordic Africa Institute, describes the changing landscape for domestic electricity production in post-apartheid South Africa. It discusses the challenges and social problems associated with the roll-out of a large-scale electrification programme to poor, mostly rural, citizen’s against the background of an increasing drive towards cost recovery.

Traditional water governance and South Africa’s National Water Act – 90 kb

This paper analyses how traditional water governance structures can be legally accommodated under the South African National Water Act and discusses the potential role of traditional leadership in local level water management.

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